2013 Willamette Cuvée Pinot Noir "Tech. Specs."



Bottling Date:

Jan18, 2015


Willamette Valley

Production :

50 Cases


Yamhill Springs & Havlin Vineyards

Harvest Date:

October 3, 2013

Alcohol (ABV):





14 Months in French Oak

Grape Variety (Clones):

Pinot Noir (Pommard, 115, 777, Wadenswil)

Blended from 2 1/4 Barrels.

Our goal with the Willamette Cuvée is to offer an excellent quality Pinot Noir at a very approachable price. We do this by blending barrels of wine that we don't use for our single vineyard wines.

The Willamette Cuvée is very "bright" and has mild red fruit (strawberries, red cherries) and black fruit (currant, black berries and cherries) smells and flavors. It is by no means big and powerful like a California Cab., but pleasantly tart and full of familiar tastes that we associate with Pinot Noir. It is actually best to drink this wine on the cool side -not white wine cool, but just touch below room temperature is where it is at its best. The way it pairs with food is very similar to our 2013 Rose. It is great with traditionally roasted dishes that don't use a lot of powerful sauces and creams, but most of all this Pinot was made for pork