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2016 Willamette Cuvée

Without Havlin fruit we knew that our Willamette Cuvée would again be unique from past vintages, and it is. It has a different flavor profile and a different structure than past years –as it should! It does, however, still have Akiko’s touch. Balancing the fruit, acid and tannin components and creating a smooth but firm structure are still her main goals for this blend and she achieved them.

[215 cases, pH 3.62, 100% French Oak (neutral and 3 fill), 13.6% ABV, Pommard, 114, 115 & 777 clones]

2016 Nuestro Sueño

This year was our second working with Tom at Nuestro Sueño and we applied everything that we’d learned in 2015. One of the things that we changed was that we fermented the 115 and 114 clones together. In previous years we had generally fermented clones individually for all vineyards, but we find that blending before fermentation creates tastier wines than blending after fermentation. As always there is blue-fruit (blueberries and plums) in the first whiff, but in the background there are some pretty floral tones (roses) and a hint of candied orange too. In the mouth the 2016 NSV is delicate and gentle, but still has incredible intensity.

[60 cases, pH 3.63, 100% French Oak (neutral and 3 fill), 13.5% ABV, 114 & 115 clones]

2016 Lewman

This year was also our second working with Dennis at Lewman. We added an additional block of Pommard clones to our previous blocks of 115 and 777. This tightly spaced, organically farmed vineyard with its extremely low head-height is always a handful to manage, but it produces fruit with punch and character that gives us our most strongly structured wines. The powerful dark fruits (dried dates and currants) and darker spices (cloves, star anise and even black pepper!) show just how different wines from the same grape varietal can taste from two different locations – locations that are less than 5 miles apart!

[50 cases, pH 3.59, 100% French Oak (neutral and 3 fill), 13.7% ABV, Pommard, 115 & 777 clones]

Mini Vertical Tasting Sets

A vertical tasting is when you taste multiple vintages of the same wine together to see how they compare to each other and how the wine has developed with time. We are offering these sets for the 2015 and 2016 vintages of the Willamette Cuvée, Neustro Sueño and Lewman Vineyard bottlings. The 2015 vintage was remarkably different from the 2016. Although both years were hot and dry, the 2015 has a much stronger acid and tannin structure. It also "takes a lot longer to open up." The stark contrast between these two vintages will make for thoughtful side by side comparisons.

Six bottle set has ONE each of:
2015 Willamette Cuvée, 2015 Nuestro Sueño, 2015 Lewman
2016 Willamette Cuvée, 2016 Nuestro Sueño, 2016 Lewman

Twelve bottle set has TWO each of:
2015 Willamette Cuvée, 2015 Nuestro Sueño, 2015 Lewman
2016 Willamette Cuvée, 2016 Nuestro Sueño, 2016 Lewman

Barrett Hill Vineyard is in South Salem above the Pettijohn Creek and is within the Willamette Valley AVA. The grapes are 30 year old Pommard clones growing on their own roots in volcanic Nekia soil. The Barrett Hill single-vineyard wine is a blend of four barrels.

Pleasant earthy and mineral tones combine with herbal (eucalyptus), woodsy and floral (roses) notes to make this wine unique. It is, nonetheless, unmistakably Oregon Pinot noir and shows the red and black fruits typical of Oregon, but in this blend they are more the highlight than the headline.

[98 cases, pH 3.59, 17 months in 22% new French Oak, 13.5% ABV, Own-rooted Pommard Clone
, Willamette Valley AVA]

We made two barrels of this classic 115 Clone Pinot Noir -one in new French Oak and the other in neutral French Oak. Half of each barrel went into our 2014 Willamette Cuvee and the other halves went into this single vineyard bottling. The intense dark fruits and spices, dark color and strong body and tannins are balanced by a punchy tartness. Drink now or cellar for a decade.

[23 cases, pH 3.42, 18 months in 50% new French Oak, 13.9% ABV, 115 Clone, Eola-Amity Hills AVA]

This Pinot Noir Rosé rested on the lies in a stainless tank for 8 months after finishing primary and malolactic fermentation. The goal of this extended time sur lies was greater complexity, body and depth, while retaining freshness. The result is a wine with a complex nose combining rich floral, salty and savory tones and a mouthfeel that is tart, bold and at the same time buttery smooth. This wine will refresh in the summer with BBQ and grilled foods, but it will also pair well with spicy Asian food and continue to all the way through Thanksgiving and Christmas with roasted Turkey and Ham.

[75 cases, pH 3.25, 8 months sur lies in Stainless, 13.9% ABV, Willamette Valley AVA]

Sampler Case:

3 x 2015 Willamette Cuvée
Pinot noir
3 x 2015 Havlin Single Single Vineyard Pinot noir
3 x 2015 Nuestro Sue
ño Single Vineyard Pinot noir
3 x 2015 Lewman Single Vineyard Pinot noir

Sampler Half Case:

3 x 2015 Willamette Cuvée Pinot noir
1 x 2015 Havlin Single Single Vineyard Pinot noir
1 x 2015 Nuestro Sue
ño Single Vineyard Pinot noir
1 x 2015 Lewman Single Vineyard Pinot noir