2014 Shiba Wichern Cellars - Havlin Vineyard
2014 Havlin

Havlin Vineyard is in Perrydale directly in the so-called Van Duzer Corridor, which is known for bringing cold coastal winds to the Willamette Valley in the afternoon and evening. These winds are exactly what Pinot Noir grapes need for balanced ripening, in other words developing sugar and flavor while retaining acidity. We made 137 cases of Havlin, which is 5 and one half barrels.

The 2014 Havlin retains a lot of its Havlin-ness (strong black and red fruits), but is at the same time very different from the 2013. In 2013 Havlin was our burliest wine –in as much as our wines are ever “burly.” In 2014 Havlin is feminine, subtle and almost delicate, but It still shows the very punchy red fruit that we had in 2013. And the red fruit still evolves with time into the typical Oregon Pinot Noir black fruit and lavender, but now the amplitude of the fruit is more balanced with the tartness and other non-fruit tones.

Like the 2013 vintage the 2014 Havlin works well with everything and anything roasted, but the 2014 vintage pairs with pizza, salmon and other light fare too. It still has plenty of acid to cut through fattier saltier foods, which means it works well with grilled meat and veggies too.

We picked the Havlin Vineyard in three steps. One picking for each clone: 777, 115 and Pommard. Each of these picks was fermented and barreled separately. The fermenters saw an average of 5 days of cold soaking. Light pigeage was done once or twice daily and remontage, as needed. After about 5 weeks the wine was pressed off and barreled down. Bottling happened on April 23rd, 2016, which means Havlin was in 14 % new and the remainder in non-new French Oak barrels for just under 18 months.