2015 Rosé

We have two Rosé offerings that are both quite different from typical Rosés.

"2015 Rosé" - this wine rested on the lies in a stainless tank for 8 months after finishing primary and malolactic fermentation.  The goal of this extended time sur lies was greater complexity, body and depth, while retaining freshness. The result is a wine with a complex nose combining rich floral, salty and savory tones and a mouthfeel that is tart, bold and at the same time buttery smooth. This wine will refresh in the summer with BBQ and grilled foods, but it will also pair well with spicy Asian food and continue to all the way through Thanksgiving and Christmas with roasted Turkey and Ham.

"2015 Rosé Barrel Aged" - this wine was allowed to slowly finish up its fermentation all the while resting on the lies. In Summer of 2017 it was transferred from its stainless tank to a neutral French oak barrel where it rested until was bottled in January of 2018. A total time on the lies including fermentation was 20 months and then another 6 months in neutral oak resulted in a Rosé with a typical body and depth.