2013 Havlin Pinot Noir "Tech. Specs."



Bottling Date:

March 18, 2015


Willamette Valley

Production :

53 Cases


Havlin Vineyard

Harvest Date:

October 3, 2013

Alcohol (ABV):





16 Months in French Oak

Grape Variety (Clones):

Pinot Noir (Pommard, 115, 777)

Blended from 2 1/4 Barrels.

This wine is named after the vineyard where the grape come from, Havlin Vineyard. It is the biggest of the three red wines we produced in 2013. Again, it is not California big, but it is definitely a masculine wine with some robust flavors. Jeff, the owner of Havlin retired from his real job to start growing grapes about 10 years ago. He may be old, but his grape vines are still very young. As much as Akiko and I try to force these grapes to be subtle and delicate, their willful youth resists our efforts and shows through by giving this wine its brawn.

In the glass you'll find everything you would expect from a Pinot Noir including the lavender smell typical of Oregon wines, but also the refreshing tartness that Akiko and I love. In addition to the fruit and herbal characteristics, new French Oak barrels (about 50%) add subtle vanilla and toasted tones to the wine's profile. The Havlin Pinot Noir matches up nicely with heartier meats and sauces, but also does surprisingly well with pizza and other lighter fair. As with all wines, drink it slowly and enjoy how it changes and opens up as time passes. Havlin tends to show more of its oakiness as the night goes on.